Thursday, 3 October 2013

Redlands School Mural I

I've been painting a mural in the Nursery playground at Redlands School, which is where my youngest son goes. The lovely caretaker at Redlands kindly painted the blue and yellow background for me, which has saved loads of time, and leaves me to get on with the fun part -painting the fishy characters! I started off drawing the outlines in chalk, then painted the shapes in white acrylic, because the background colour is quite dark, and I don't want it to show through. If you know any of my books you will probably be able to spot a few familiar faces already!

In the playground next door the bigger kids were doing P.E, and several of them came over to chat to me afterwards about what I was doing. It was interesting to get a sneaky peek at their P.E class, it took me right back to being 8 years old and being completely useless at throwing and catching! I've been in to visit most of the classes at Redlands to talk about my books and illustrations so most of them know what I do, they usually address me as 'Roan's Mum', which always amuses me.
The wall is fairly long, but luckily not too high, so I can easily reach the top without a ladder, but it is an old Victorian brick wall and quite lumpy and bumpy. I spent about an hour on it this morning, but by 10.15 I had run out of coffee and my arms ached -what a wimp! I'll post updated pictures as the mural progresses, which I hope will happen fairly fast. I'd really love to get it finished before the weather gets too cold, so that the nursery children can enjoy it!

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