Friday, 4 October 2013

Brazilian Books

Every now and then I get a package from my publisher, Little Tiger Press, with copies of a new overseas edition, and yesterday these two arrived:

This one's a Brazilian translated edition of the first book I ever wrote, Fidgety Fish. It's great to see that it's still popular all these years later.

I originally wrote it when my oldest son, Mortimer, was a little baby, and now he's a great big nearly-fifteen year old! It's lovely to think that children all around the world are enjoying my stories -or at least I hope they are enjoying them!

This is also a Brazilian co-edition of my most recent book, Smiley Shark and The Great Big Hiccup. Craig, our lodger who's from Brazil was mightily impressed that I've finally had my books translated into his native language.

He said it was interesting because they don't really have an onomatopoeic word for hiccups, so they've just left it the same as in the English version. Maybe the word 'Hic' will catch on!

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